48V 750Watt Pedal rickshaw motor kit

48V-750 Watt Bldc Gear motor
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48 volt 750 watt Electrical Rickshaw Kit,
Traction (BLDC) Motor Inbuilt Gear Box,
Controller with all Features,
Throttler with horn Switch,
Complete Wiring Set,
Led Head Light with Battery Level Indications and Horn,
Key Switch,
Chain 420-76 link,
High Torque Motor 48 volt 750watt Magnetic Brushless Motor (Fan and Fan Cover Steel),
Without Battery Charger.

This kit contains 10 products as follows:- .
DC motor,
Head Light ,
Terminal socket plate,
Headlight with on/off switch,
Main Shaft Bracket,
Main Shaft Gear(Grari),
Chain set,
Wiring Leads

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