NAKS Ebike Testing Device / motor - controller - throttle - ebrakes tester.

Item Type: Brushless Motor Tester · Material: Plastic · Colour: As the Picture Shown · Detection Function: · Motor, controller, brake lever, phase angle, winding, Hall With Self-Check Function (whether the car repair treasure is faulty): Plug the Hall plugs of the car repair kit together, turn on the power, and the power indicator/controller 5V power indicator light will be on, and the Ha/Hob/Hc lights will flash cyclically, indicating that the car repair kit has no fault, otherwise there is a fault. This function is convenient Dear friends, quickly confirm whether the car repair treasure is malfunctioning.
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·         Can quickly detect whether the brushless motor is good or bad, and the efficiency is higher

·         High‑quality plastic material, hard, wear‑resistant, and has long service life.

·         Small, light in weight, easy to carry, bring you more convenience, improving experience.

·         Well‑made, excellent performance, provides accurate detection and has good detection effect.

·         Check the motor, controller, brake lever, and also has self‑check function.

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